21st Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment

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The "Fighting Chaplain"

Company Rosters

Medal of Honor recipient Lt. James Hill, the "Fighting Chaplain" was decorated for bravery at Champion's Hill. 

Rev. James Hill of Cascade, Iowa, organized a company of volunteers in 1862.  This company of 97 men were sworn in as Company "I" of the 21st Iowa Infantry. During the battle of Champion's Hill in May of 1863 that Lt. Hill  unexpectedly came upon three Confederate pickets and, by quick thinking, deceived the sentries that he was heading up a body of men concealed behind him by motioning them to come forward and compelling the pickets to drop their weapons.  He thus avoided capture and, instead, captured the rebel sentries and escorted them back to headquarters. He was later awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions that day.  After Vicksburg, Lt. Hill was unanimously elected Chaplain of the 21st Iowa by the men of his Company. 

Every officer and enlisted man who served in the 21st Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment, along with a brief description of each man's service, are contained here.  Soldiers are generally listed alphabetically within rank within each company.

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